Glass shower doors


Glass shower doors in the Buford, GA area

Are you still struggling with cheap shower doors that leak and spot? Have you recently installed a new shower tile that deserves the look of a glass door? Contact Purdy Flooring and Design to remove your old shower door and update your bathroom with a high-quality glass door.

Glass doors are an investment worth making

Many people are replacing their cheap shower doors with high-quality glass doors. Reasons for switching to glass doors include the following:

  • They look sharp and can show off the beauty of an attractive tile shower.
  • They are easy to clean, even when you have hard water problems.
  • They will have retained their value when you want to sell your home.



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Get a tight seal on your shower door

When installing a shower door, it is critical that you get a tight seal on the door. This requires precise measurements and an exact cut of the door in order for it to fit right. Otherwise, water will leak out of the shower and can ruin the floors, walls, and structure of your home. When you use Purdy Flooring and Design, you can be confident that the job will be done right. We do not use stock glass doors like many companies. Instead, we take the time to measure your doorway and make sure the glass is cut to exact measurements. Contact us today for more info.

Call Purdy today and get started with your new shower doors!