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Custom countertops in the Buford, GA area

Our fully educated granite and marble countertops team will certainly help you in the entire procedure from picking your granite pieces, coordinating template layout and installing dates completely through to the completion of your custom-made marble or granite countertops, ceramic tiles or area tasks.

Natural elements, classic style

All materials that end up as stone countertops have formed naturally by our earth over hundreds of thousands of years. Though a large number of natural resources humans use can and will harm the environment, the impressive granite, quartz and other stones are simply just cut into slabs and have no ill effects on our Earth. No two slabs are the same, as these stones are created by nature and every piece is unique. Let it be known that when you choose your countertop design, you re choosing something that is one of a kind.



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Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms

There are literally hundreds of stone colors available for your perusal, and then you must choose the cut, style, size and edges for your countertop. But don’t be intimidated! The friendly and knowledgeable experts at Purdy Flooring and Design will help walk you through all the steps involved and won’t let you make any mistakes while you design your dream kitchen or bathroom. From choosing the right granite that fits your kitchen’s theme to installing countertops and building the cabinets and flooring around them, Purdy has your back and ensures customer satisfaction. The expertly trained sales staff at Purdy Flooring and Design will make your experience memorable. If you’re in the market for countertops, whether they be marble, granite, quartz or anything else, call Purdy and experience the difference personal attention makes. Our highest objective at is to fulfill and exceed your expectations and supply you with the finest in craftsmanship possible for your custom-made granite or marble job. Whether you live in Buford, GA, Braselton, GA, Cumming, GA, Dacula, GA, Flowery Branch, GA, Gainesville, GA, Gwinnett, GA, Lawrenceville, GA, or Suwanee, GA, look no further than Purdy Flooring & Design.