Patching hardwood floors

Hamilton Mill Flooring Repairs

Hardwood floors can be the difference in a nice room and a great room. They gave your home the luster it lacked, the ambiance and warmth it needed, and the luxury you deserved. Unfortunately, when the topcoat of a stain starts to wear off it exposes the porous side of the wood to elements like dust, dirt, and worst of all, liquids. Should your floor get a spill in a spot that has worn down, it could stain it permanently, leaving you unsatisfied, and your home marred. Patching hardwood floors is a great solution to fix your floor and maintain the value of the home that you’ve worked so hard for.

Sanding the floor could be a solution for a shallow stain, however if the stain is too deep it could leave an unwelcome depression in your hardwoods. The best practice for repairing severely stained or scratched boards, and to get your floor back to its original condition is to cut out the damaged parts and replace with new boards. Either that or you can have the experts at Purdy Flooring and Design replace or refinish your current hardwoods. Though replacing the floors might not be a great idea, refinishing them or patching them can be much easier and cost effective.

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Though patching hardwood floors may seem like a somewhat complicated process because of the materials and tools needed complete the project, it really is something you can do in a couple of hours. For steps on how to repair your tongue-in-groove floor that’s damaged or affected, see these instructions. There are quite a few different ways in which to patch your floors but every situation is different, and you may have to resort to professional help or YouTube videos for help.

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