How to match cabinets to my floors in my kitchen remodel?

How to match cabinets to my floors in my kitchen remodel?

Matching your new cabinets to your floors in a kitchen remodel is an integral part of this process, though it certainly seems daunting as you begin. The good news is we specialize in this very service, and we're going to briefly share some tips with you as you follow along with today's post.

A kitchen remodel has moving targets

A kitchen remodel is more than just adding some new flooring or a new countertop. It is a culmination of your vision into reality, and as such, deserves the utmost attention to detail.

For instance, when it comes to matching cabinets and flooring, you should first know that these two should complement instead of perfectly fit one another. Both could potentially be the same color, with perhaps a different texture, or vice versa.

Flooring choice should come first, and the simpler, the better if you intend to create contrast between floors and cabinets. This bolder option generally offers a beautiful result, especially with certain other features and materials in place.

Some cabinet trends working for many homeowners right now include white oak, blue, and light gray. When you're ready to discuss the details, we'll be waiting to help, so stop by today.

We are your go-to kitchen remodeling company

Purdy Flooring and Design is a kitchen remodeling company with a history of providing materials and services that create the best results, no matter how large or small the remodel. We offer our expertise in design, installation, and advice, especially when it comes to matching materials.

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