Heated bathroom tiles

During the cold winter months, heated bathroom tiles could be a treat for your feet. Upgrade your bathroom with a heated flooring system and let your feet feel the difference.

bathroom tiles

How heated tiles work

There are two main ways to heat your bathroom tiles: electric radiant heating and hydronic heating. Electric radiant floors use heat-conducting mats that go under the bathroom tiles to heat the floors. Hydronic systems have tubes under the tiles that pump water through them to create heat. The floor's temperature is controlled by a thermostat, and the heat rises to warm up the entire room. Because these heating systems cover the entire floor, they provide an even warmth through the room.

Both types of heated flooring will warm your bathroom from the floor up and save you money in energy costs over time. Radiant floor heating is a good option if you want heated flooring through your entire house, and it's also possible to install this system yourself. To do this, you must tear up your existing flooring, lay down a mat custom-fit to the size of your floor, and then replace your existing flooring. Hydronic systems are better for heating only one room of the house and require professional installation. Purdy Flooring and Design offers this service, so give us a call to find out more.

Reduce your heating bill

In-floor heating systems have many benefits. If used instead of a traditional central heating system, they could save you up to 50% on your heating bill. They also keep the temperature of the room more consistent than a traditional heating system that blows warm air from one point in the ceiling. Using heated tiles to heat your room will also eliminate the possibility of a traditional heating system blowing around allergens and dust.

Heated bathroom tiles will not only take your bathroom to the next level, they will save you money and keep you warm all winter. Call Purdy Flooring and Design at 678-889-2057 to learn more.