kitchen cabinets and countertops

When Renovation Includes both Cabinets and Countertops

Home renovations can be so exciting! But they can also be filled with lots of questions and sometimes, a bit of uncertainty. We hope to alleviate a little of both with this quick post on including both cabinets and countertops, in your kitchen or bathroom renovation. These changes will likely make you feel much better about your spaces, and give you rooms with much more functionality and usage ability. Let’s not waste a single minute fretting over the unknown!

Purdy Flooring and Design specializes in both cabinetry and countertops, with a design team that can help you make the best of both. Whether you’re looking for something that is strictly suited to your needs, or a piece that speaks volumes about who you are, we can make those dreams possible. You can get the process started by meeting with our trained renovation specialists, who will be waiting at our Buford, GA showroom location, just to serve you.

Renovating Both Cabinets and Countertops Just Makes Sense

It’s true, you could probably get away with just a simple cabinet remodel, or go for only new countertops. However, if it’s true functionality and style that you’re looking for, renovating both at the same time just makes sense. Why spend more money, further in the future, when you’ve decided the old cabinets just don’t work with your brand new countertops, or vice versa? The truth is, there is great benefit to the renovation of both cabinets and countertops at the same time.

For one thing, you’ll have pieces that match perfectly. Homeowners have a much greater sense of satisfaction, when their home interior flows from one piece to the next. Besides being an eyesore, mismatched schemes can leave you with only half the functionality you deserve from a renovation. In fact, in most cases, cabinets and countertops are simply made to flow from one right into the other in both style and functionality. Pieces that are installed together, work with a sense of harmony that’s hard to find anywhere else.

To make the absolute most out of your renovation, be sure to speak to the professionals at Purdy Flooring and Design about your specific needs and preferences. We’ll be sure to help you find exactly what you want and need.