kitchen counter

Custom Countertops Can Change Everything!

Your kitchen countertops are not simply a decorative element for that room. No, they serve a wide variety of purposes that affect both the functionality, as well as the overall appeal of your kitchen. You prepare food on these spaces, store various items and small appliances, and even use them as a serving platform during holiday seasons. You need something that suits your specific needs while at the same time, accenting your décor for a lasting impression.

Purdy Flooring and Design has a fully trained team dedicated to countertops. They go above and beyond when helping you choose exactly what you want and need, with emphasis on layout and design. The fact is, we care as much about your countertops as you do, and you’ll realize that the moment you begin working with our team. To see the variety we have to offer for yourself , come see one of our service professionals at our Buford, GA showroom at your convenience.

Countertops for the Long Haul

No one wants to install a nice new countertop, only to have to turn around and replace it in a few years. However, this is exactly what many homeowners do in hopes of creating a smaller budget. The truth is, having new pieces put in every few years will wind up costing you far more than having, for instance, granite installed just once.
Not only are higher quality countertops a better quality and offer many benefits, they are long-lasting and can save you thousands of dollars. Many homeowners have found, after installing a high quality custom product, that they no longer have that desire to remodel every few months, as they did with lesser quality pieces.

Additionally, homeowners have also reported a greater sense of style and elegance in having these products installed. The peace of mind in having a look that you love, mixed with a functionality that’s hard to beat, results in a satisfaction level that is above and beyond anything you may have experienced in the past.

Better still, the same can be said of the countertops in your bathroom. While they aren’t used for food preparation, they do see a lot of wear and tear, must often resist rusting and stain marks from different containers and many times, must offer heat resistance as well. 

Maybe it’s time to find out exactly how new countertops can benefit you and your home.