Wood You?

hardwood flooring Jacksonville, FL Most of us can attest to the fact that we want our home to be a place that visitors, whether they are loved ones, friends, or business associates, feel welcome. Having a warm comfortable environment is essential to that feeling. There's not much in flooring that can match that feeling better than hardwood floors. The gentle brightness of a light pine, the warmth of a medium hued oak, or the elegance of a dark maple, enhanced by the gentle waves of the wood grain that meanders through each plank creating a pool of swirls and undulating patterns that bring peace to the room.

Hardwood floors are also among the most durable of flooring products if handled correctly. Many of the great historical homes in the United States still have the floor that was installed the day they were built. Hardwood can last for a hundred years or more maintaining their classic good looks while handling the everyday wear and tear of an active family lifestyle. Today's hardwood floors have an advantage that the older ones didn't, with sealers and protective coatings made from today's technologies they can last even longer than their predecessors.

At About Floors n' More, we recognize the beauty that hardwood floors provide, and we are always willing to answer every question about the installation and care of the products we sell. Our professional staff at our Jacksonville, FL showroom will be happy to assist you in any possible way. From showing you samples, so you can actually feel the product before you buy it, to asking the important questions about your project to give you the best possible results.

Our expert installers are State licensed and insured, and they are trained in the latest manufacturers’ specifications for installation and care of our products. This ensures that your warranties will be protected and that your hardwood floors will look beautiful and stay beautiful for as long as possible. The only thing that is needed from our customers is their vision for their home, and the willingness to let us help bring that vision to life.