What Wood You Choose

Jacksonville hardwood flooring
​Recorded history is only about 5,000 years old. In that time, there have been many civilizations to rise and fall, some of which are still in existence, but in a much smaller scale than at their height. It made me wonder. Who first used hardwood flooring. In my research I have found examples dating back to 2200 BC, ancient Babylon, when the people who dwelled near the rivers would build their homes from mud brick and reeds. Reeds aren’t considered wood, but they are the predecessor to wood flooring.
It’s amazing how far we have come since then. Man has developed hardwood floors for any occasion. We have refined the process of cutting the trees and planks for solid hardwood; we have been replanting the forests that we had cut down for materials; and we are working to find a way to make more eco-friendly hardwood flooring as well. 

There really is nothing that can compare to the beauty of hardwood floors. The gentle sway of the wood grain creates a warm and inviting feel in a room. Hardwood floors can be used to create a custom floor as well. Imagine using varying shades of flooring, rich cherry, pine, maple and birch, in a random pattern to create a patchwork floor for a rustic feel. Or, even leaving room for an inlay made of smaller pieces of hardwood flooring cut to create a mosaic. 

Hardwood flooring comes in two forms, either solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is just a plank cut from a tree to create flooring. Engineered hardwood is a bit more complicated. It is made of a plywood core that is overlaid with a thinner veneer of hardwood to create a wear layer. The engineered hardwood is less expensive, because of the plywood-like construction. It is also less susceptible to temperature and humidity variations, than its solid hardwood cousin.

At About Floors n’ More we have a wide selection of hardwood floors for you to choose from at our Jacksonville, FL showroom. We also have the professional staff on hand to help you make an informed selection.