What Historic Jacksonville Homes and Hardwood Floors Have in Common

hardwood flooring Jacksonville, FL
It can be said that hardwood floors and historic homes have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. In fact, when it comes to flooring, hardwood has been one of the most common types of flooring ever used. In a recent story published in the Florida Times Union, we read about one historic area of Jacksonville, FL that many of you might find interesting also.
“The story began in 1914, when Claude Nolan, owner of Jacksonville’s oldest car dealership, purchased 1,000 acres in the area, but was unable to develop the land as World War I broke out. Nolan held onto the idea that the growing importance of the automobile would allow for relaxed suburban living, far from the bustle of the city’s downtown sector. In 1925, his vision came to fruition with one of Jacksonville’s first planned communities, San Jose Estates.”

Source: <a href="http://jacksonville.com/homes/2016-04-28/story/story-100-years">A story of 100 years</a> by Barbara Gavan.
At About Floors n' More in Jacksonville, we find it very interesting that hardwood floors are just as popular today as they were in the past. Visit virtually any historic home and you will find at least some rooms with hardwood floors. Visit many of today's finer homes and you will find that this trend continues. The love of hardwood has not changed. But some things associated with hardwood flooring have. 

For starters, hardwood floors are more affordable today than they were in the past. Now, just about any homeowner who wants hardwood flooring can afford it. Also, today there are more choices in wood species than there was in the past. Consumers can now find all kinds of hardwoods including the traditional oaks and walnuts that are so popular, as well as exotic hardwoods such as bamboo and Tigerwood. This huge array of hardwood options was simply not available in the past, or at least not available to the average homeowner.

Next, today’s homeowners can select from solid hardwood floors, or from a vast number of engineered hardwood flooring systems. This means that hardwood floors can now be installed above or below grade. It also means that homes located in humid areas can now safely install hardwood floors without fear of their floors swelling or buckling from moisture. 

The simple truth is that most homeowners in the Jacksonville area can now have hardwood flooring installed in their homes at very affordable rates. Whether you want solid or engineered hardwood floors, we encourage you to visit with us at About Floors n' More for the best selection and expert installation of hardwood floors in the area. Come by today and let us show you what we have to offer.