Using your tax refund for custom cabinets

Just over half of Americans will receive a refund of some sort this tax season. Out of that large chunk, 26% say they will spend it on necessities or home improvements. Seeing as how your home is a giant investment anyway, why not spend it on both. Updating your kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic investment, and still be something that will be functional and improve the look of your kitchen drastically. Many homeowners jump on the chance to upgrade certain aspects of their homes with their tax refund money. But don’t get caught in the trap of the big box stores who mark their items up during and right after tax season.Of course, with your refund you could always pay down some debt, save it for a family vacation or put it in a money market account. But none of those options is going to make your kitchen look more luxurious.

Keep in mind that there are quite a few options to choose from that make a healthy number of combinations possible. You must be mindful of the outcome of each design you choose so that your cabinets are modern, but still have a timeless look and feel. The 3 basic parts of cabinets include the box, the drawers and the shelves. These typically come in 4 different availabilities: Semi-custom, custom, boxed and ready to install, and boxed and requires assembly. The next step requires you choose a finish for your new cabinets. Then aesthetic things like pulls and other hardware must be chosen. Once you’ve decided on each of the variables, take the time to really think about how this upgrade is going to affect your kitchen. There’s a saying, “Measure twice, cut once,” that people in construction use frequently. Take that advice and think twice about a serious financial and aesthetic decision you and your family are about to make.

Doing it yourself is not something homeowners typically think of when it comes to cabinets. Refinishing your deck? No problem. Hanging drywall? Easy peasy. Installing new HDTV? Piece of cake. When it comes to cabinet installation it’s better to pay someone to do it right, than to have to pay someone else to fix your DIY mishaps. A professional will not only install your cabinets cleanly, ensure they’re leveled and fit your kitchen perfectly but they’ll normally clean up and haul away the mess, too. Hiring a team of expert kitchen designers will probably end up costing you less in the long run, as crazy as that may sound.

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