Remodeling tips for homeowners

Remodeling tips for homeowners

There is so much to consider when remodeling, renovating or upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. Do you want pine, oak, maple or some other species of hardwoods in your kitchen? Do you need new cabinets or can you re-finish your existing ones? Does your bathroom need floor tiles to match the window coverings? How can you get all these upgrades streamlined and affordable from one place? These are all normal questions to ponder while getting prepared for new and exciting upgrades to your home. Here are a few helpful tips to consider regarding your remodel.

Dos and dont's

Can we have the hardwoods from the main part of the house continue into the bathroom? NO! Absolutely, under no circumstances do real hardwoods go into bathrooms. Any room that you might have any type of moisture buildup can cause serious detriment to hardwood floors. Humidity, water and moisture are the enemies of hardwood flooring. If you have floating laminate (faux wood) floors then that’s ok, as they will not swell and contract like natural wood. Nor do they get affected by any moisture. In fact, they are quite resilient when it comes to wetness and humidity. For more information, check out our hardwood flooring buyer's guide.

Cabinets: To replace or re-finish

In all honesty, either option can work for a lot of people out there. However, some homeowners love the shape and design of their current cabinetry, but the color might be a little outdated. If that’s the case, then re-finishing could be the right option for you. While re-finishing may be more work and might be a little messier, it’s a fantastic route to choose that is cheaper than a complete overhaul of your cabinets. If you straight up hate your the aspects of your current cabinets, there’s a possibility you may be a candidate for a completely new cabinet installation. When you’re not big on the size, shape, style and cut of your current cabinets, other than changing out the handles and pulls, you’d be best suited for new ones.

Our remodeling team is here to help!

The design experts at Purdy Flooring and Design can help walk you through the right options as far as wood species, finish and layout of your new wood floors. The complexities of cork, bamboo and maple can be explained, in detail, by the design team at Purdy. They’ve got over a decade of experience in consulting, planning out and installing floors, cabinets and countertops that all complement each other. Changing, improving and perfecting the theme in your home or business are what they do on a daily basis.

Whether you’re on the fence about tackling a renovation job in your house or you simply know it’s better for someone else to do it, give the friendly and knowledgeable team at Purdy Flooring and Design a call for a quote or to answer your questions today.