Now offering organized living storage systems

When choosing options to upgrade your home, you have undoubtedly come across all types of products you’ve either never heard of before or simply wouldn’t use. What if there was an upgrade that could not only add value to your home, but would make your life less stressful and organize clutter all while saving time and money? Purdy Flooring & Design is now offering closet and storage systems from Organized Living. Now, we’re not talking about a couple wire-frame racks and some storage bins. We’re talking about a complete room, storage area or closest overhaul that will create space and provide organization.

A history of great products

Organized Living has been in business for 95 years and they specialize in making lifestyle accommodating storage innovations. When they first started their business in 1919 they made brass faucets and plumbing fixtures to exceed what they thought were poor standards of quality back then. In the years that followed the company has shifted their focus to storage and organization. Their vision statement, “We Help People Organize their Lives,” really does ring true when you see their products.

Speaking of Organized Living’s products, they have a few style lines for different parts of your home that we’d like to introduce you to. For closet systems, which we will install for you, Organized Living offers 3 styles, the Classica-custom, traditional storage, the Ventilated Shelving-standard wire shelving and the freedomRail system-truly adjustable storage. Organized Living also offers over-the-door, garage and pantry storage solutions to fit your home and budget.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of time and energy saved after having one of the extraordinary storage systems installed. Instead of having to organize your closet, you’ll simply put your clothes and shoes in their designated areas and they will BE organized. There will be no more taking an entire afternoon to cleanup your walk-in closet. You’ll have so much more room in your closet you may just want to install a chandelier…or a TV…ok, maybe that’s too much, but you get the picture.

Helping you organize your home

The installation and design crew at Purdy Flooring & Design will help you choose the right storage system for your space and organization needs. They will evaluate your current storage set-up (or lack thereof), and determine what will best suit your closet, garage, pantry or other storage needs.