Jacksonville Habitat for Humanity Needs Volunteers

hardwood floors Jacksonville When many people think of home, they often think of fireplaces, hardwood floors, and cozy bedrooms. But for many of those less fortunate, home can be much less, and, in some cases, nothing at all. This is where the good hearts of those who live in Jacksonville, FL often shines through. One of the many ways that locals help those in need is through volunteering. With that in mind, an opportunity exists.

“Habitat for Humanity Jacksonville is seeking volunteers to help build homes and work in its ReStore home improvement stores and donation centers. The nonprofit, also known as HabiJax, plans to build 55 affordable homes this year, but has a volunteer shortage in the winter months, both at construction sites and at the store, according to a news release.”

Source: <a href="http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2016-02-02/story/jacksonville-journal-volunteers-needed-habitat-humanity">Jacksonville Journal: Volunteers needed for Habitat for Humanity</a> by Staff.
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