Jacksonville FL Offers Safe Learning Place for Kids

Picture From its old hardwood floors to fading paint, the Sanctuary located on 8th street in Jacksonville, FL is a place for kids to feel safe and enjoy the pleasures of learning. Founded back in '92 as the Urban Ministries of Springfield, this innovative after school and summer camp oasis proved low-income children a place to go where they can avoid the many dangers of the local streets while learning basic educational skills at the same time. Old hardwood floors or not, this is truly something that Jacksonville, FL can be proud of.

Kids ranging in ages from 5 to 17 can cross over those old hardwood floors in safety. There are over 100 kids taking advantage of this very-useful opportunity, enjoying recreational activities, tutoring for those who need extra help, and even outings to interesting places.
The Jacksonville News recently ran an in-depth story about the Sanctuary, which read, in part:

“Founded as Urban Ministries of Springfield in 1992, Sanctuary on 8th Street now provides after-school, summer camp and home school for about 100 youth ages 5 to 17 from nearby low-income neighborhoods. About 45 children attend after-school activities that include tutoring, recreation and field trips.”

Source: Jacksonville News, <a href="http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2015-11-20/story/jacksonvilles-sanctuary-8th-street-provides-youth-safe-haven-learning">Jacksonville's Sanctuary on 8th Street provides youth safe haven for learning</a> by Beth Reese Cravey.
This is the kind of community action that can truly make a difference in a child's life, and local residents should consider helping the Sanctuary if at all possible. They may not need new hardwood floors, but they need other things and every little bit helps.

It cannot be said enough that our local children need places where they can go to avoid the hazards we all know lurk on the streets. From gangs to drugs, our children are, truly, at risk in certain parts of Jacksonville. This safe haven can help those at-risk to learn and to succeed, which is something we all want.

The folks at About Floors n’ More in Jacksonville, FL are proud to help spread the news about this wonderful place within the city and hope that those old hardwood floors continue to see many happy and safe feet cross over them.