Jacksonville, FL Drawing New Families and Jobs...Finally!

Jacksonville, FL homesJacksonville, FL has seen some hard times over the last decade or so. But, those times may be turning around in a big way. Two of the more important indicators that things are getting better for the area are that job growth is being sustained and housing in the area remains within the affordability index. Also, population growth is being noticed as an additional indicator; the idea being people want to live in areas that are doing well.

In a recent article, we read about some interesting insights into the Jacksonville, FL area and the State of Florida in general:

“New communities throughout Northeast Florida draw families, professionals and retirees. Existing communities and historic districts are attracting a new audience with renovations and infill construction. It all points to a steady comeback from the economic downturn that slowed growth for a few years. Home values are on the rise with the five-county average of $171,660 outpacing the state average of $160,200, and an increase of 5.5 percent.”

Source: <a href="http://jacksonville.com/community/2016-02-11/story/jacksonville-ranked-high-housing-affordability">Jacksonville ranks high in housing affordability</a> by Staff.
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No matter how one looks at it, a better housing market is good news for everyone, and especially for those who want to buy their first home, or those who already own a home, but want to add value to it by installing new hardwood floors.

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