Investors Turning to Home Rentals as a Positive Way to Make a Profit

Jacksonville housing market
Real estate in Florida and Jacksonville in particular, has been on a wild ride since 2005-2006. One of the more unique ways that investors, including many homeowners, have turned lemons into lemonade is through buying homes and then renting them out. This is big business in Florida, bigger than most people know. A very interesting story appeared recently that dug into how even the smaller investors are turning a profit by buying-renting:
“Local firm JWB Real Estate Capital bought 502 homes last year, and it’s already bought more than 200 this year. Corner Lot Properties, also of Jacksonville, has slowed its home-buying to a dozen or so a month. But it still owns more than 500 in town...All those homes are being rented.”

Source: <a href="">Firms bought plenty of homes during downturn; now rent thousands of them</a> by Roger Bull.
Two things these investors know are: To make money, keep the home rented and, second, to make money charge a suitable amount of rent. To do those, the homes must look nice and this is where many investors choose to have hardwood floors installed in their rental homes.

Hardwood floors are an affordable enhancement that potential renters will notice the moment they walk into a room. Nothing says elegance the way that hardwood flooring does. Also, because modern hardwood flooring is available in a wide array of color tones, investors can design rooms that will complement any décor need. Hardwood floors are available in either solid or engineered types, and that means these flooring products can be installed above or below grade. 

These are only a few reasons why so many people turn to hardwood floors when they are looking for a new look, priced within reason. At About Floors n' More, we carry a broad selection of hardwood floors and are always eager to answer any questions our customers may have about flooring materials or installation. 

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