Improving Your Home's Entrance with Flowers and Hardwoods

Some areas in the home seem to get all the attention. Living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens are noted examples of this. Entrance ways, foyers, and front halls, not so much.

​However, it does not have to be that way. Some good ideas on how to brighten up entrance ways and foyers were recently published in an interesting article. 
“In summer, it's not so hard to make a great first impression at the entrance to your home. Put out a few baskets of colorful flowers and your work is done. But early spring? That's more complicated. March can be "the darkest and gloomiest time of year, and it's easy to kind of have your house go right along with that," says stylist and crafter Marianne Canada, host of the "HGTV Crafternoon" web series.”

Source: <a href="">Making a home's entrance inviting all year</a> by Associated Press.
The trick, according to Andrew Howard of Jacksonville, Florida, one of the designers of the HGTV Dream Home 2016, is the use of items that make the entrance stylish regardless of the season. Adding flowers is one way to bring color into a darker area; another is to install lighter tones of hardwood floors in the entrance or foyer.

Hardwood floors are a great choice for any foyer or entrance way. They are also a wonderful option for front hallways, especially if the hall longways down the home. With hardwood floors that are laid out properly, the hallway can appear longer than it really is, and the hardwood floors also give the hall a sense of depth that can be fairly dramatic in some cases.

Another benefit from installing hardwood flooring is that hardwood flooring is known to add additional market resale value to a home. Homes that have hardwood floors are considered to be worth more than homes that do not, if everything else is equal. In other words, hardwood flooring is a good investment that actually pays off.

It should also be noted that hardwood floors are now available in a wide range of color tones. Homeowners in Jacksonville, FL can easily find hardwood flooring that covers the color spectrum from very light (nearly white) to deep, rich browns that are so well loved in this area.

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