How to match kitchen accessories

How to match kitchen accessories

Much like accessorizing can make or break your outfit, finding the right components to complete your kitchen remodel can make it amazing or just basic. And who really wants to be basic? Ok, so there are some of you that do. Nothing is wrong with basic. But there is something that is completely wrong with anything that doesn’t compliment the rest of your kitchen. For instance, you can’t have white art deco marble countertops with rustic, knotty pine cabinets and solid oak floors. Sure you can, but it’s going to be very confusing not only to the eye, but to a future prospective buyer, as well. Having a matching theme or style to your kitchen, much like your outfit, can really complete the look. The experts at Purdy Flooring and Design can give you the advice you need and allow you to have the right accessories to really make your kitchen speak volumes to your family and guests.

Floors and countertops

A few main attributes, more or less, can really tie your kitchen together and give it the complete look you want. Whether it’s simple or sophisticated, you must make the proper additions to arrive at the right aesthetic. One of the major facets that comprise a kitchen is the floor. Tile, hardwoods or cork-whatever it may be, has to be something that you and your family agree on and something that will stand the test of time and, hopefully, increase the resale value of your home. One of the other things that can attract friends and homebuyers alike is a great stone countertop with coordinating backsplash. With Purdy Flooring and Design you won’t have to worry about making an unattractive or “wrong” decision when it comes to your kitchen being totally coordinated.

Matching cabinets

Cabinetry is one of Purdy’s strong suits. After a brief meeting with you, the experts at Purdy will present to you a few different options for your cabinets. These options will coordinate with the rest of your kitchen to bring it to its full potential. When making cabinet choices you have to consider, size, shape, wood species and finish. It may sound intimidating, but the staff will use their skills to bring together your entire kitchen so that all pieces function together and maximize your kitchen’s appeal.

With over 10 years leading the Buford area market in flooring and kitchen design, Purdy Flooring and Design has helped renovate and add value to over 1,000 homes in Georgia. If you need someone to help take over your unique design for your kitchen or home, look no further.