Hidden Historic Properties in Jacksonville, FL

At About Floors n' More in Jacksonville, FL, we love history and historic buildings. Some locals may think that all of those interesting, old properties have been torn down, but that is not entirely true. In a very informative article written by Mark Woods, we learned of a very special place right here in our area. From rustic hardwood floors to its odd paint job, this building is certainly worth visiting. Here is a very short portion of that story:
“For each piece of a walk across Jacksonville, I’ve been starting exactly where I left off the previous week. I broke that unofficial rule this week. But, no, I didn’t just skip over some part of the largest city in the continental United States and suddenly end up at the St. Johns County line. I backtracked.”

Source: <a href="http://jacksonville.com/news/columnists/mark-woods/2016-06-18/story/mark-woods-founding-fathers-day-walk">Mark Woods: A (Founding) Father's Day walk</a> by Mark Woods.
If you follow the story, you will find out where the property is and how to get there. We believe you will enjoy your visit if you are into old buildings, hardwood floors, tin roofs, and all that seems to be gone these days.
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