HGTV Home Experts Offering Advice on Hardwood Floors and More

Jacksonville hardwood flooring There are many homeowners in the Jacksonville, FL area who are thinking of installing hardwood floors in their home but have questions and concerns. This makes sense, new hardwood floors are an investment in the home and no one wants to make a mistake when putting money into their house. Well, the good news is residents of Jacksonville, FL have a variety of information sources, and one of those is the chance to speak with HGTV experts John and Whitney Spinks.

“The duo, who appeared on the reality TV show “Flipping the Block,” will be spotlighted at The Daytona Beach News-Journal's Fall Home Show Oct. 23-25 at the Ocean Center, sharing tips on design and construction, home renovation, and ways to save money while making your home great.”

Source: News Journal Online, <a href="">Free Advice: Husband-and-wife design team to bring HGTV vibe to News-Journal's Home Show</a> by Eleanore Osborne.
The couple is expected to address many issues associated with home improvements such as paint choices, easy do-it-yourself projects, and flooring options. One of those options is hardwood floors which can not only add value to a home but also bring in a sense of elegance that other types of residential flooring simply cannot do.

Many homeowners are not aware of the many different types of hardwood floors that are available these days. While solid construction hardwood flooring is still very popular, there are also engineered hardwood flooring options available as well. Knowing which type of hardwood floor is best for you is crucial for a satisfying result.

If you cannot make it to the show, a visit to About Floors n' More is a good idea. These professionals can answer any questions Jacksonville, FL residents may have about hardwood floors and the many options on the market today.