Hardwood Beauty

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Hardwood flooring is a classic design element that has been used for centuries. From the oaken meeting halls of the Vikings, to the historic homes and buildings of the early United States to today’s modern living spaces and vacation stops. Hardwood floors have always brought a warmth and elegant feel that only the undulating patterns of the wood grain can create. Hardwood floors are without a doubt a welcome addition to any place that wishes to welcome people through its doors.
Hardwood floors are a plank cut from a single piece of wood; it is recommended that caution be used when installing the hardwood, because excessive moisture can cause the wood to warp over time if not properly installed. Hardwood comes in a variety of styles and colors, from the light tans of pine, to the rich browns of oak, and the smooth darkness of mahogany.  Hardwood floors are versatile enough to complement any interior decor, enhancing the overall feel of the room in which they are installed. If tans and browns aren’t your cup of tea, there are always exotic hardwood floors that feature green and red hues in the wood. 

If you are on a budget, there are engineered hardwood floors that you can choose from. Engineered hardwood floors are just as beautiful as their solid wood counterparts, but they are constructed of a plywood core over which a thinner piece of wood is overlaid and then given a protective coating. Engineered hardwood is less affected by moisture than solid hardwood flooring, because of the resins used in the construction of the plywood core. However, overexposure to water will still damage the flooring, so caution should be exercised when installing the flooring in areas where moisture could be an issue.

At About Floors n’ More, we have the experts on hand to help you to understand how having hardwood floors in your home can affect the overall design of your room.  They can make the recommendations about installation that will maximize your flooring’s beauty and durability. So stop in to our Jacksonville, FL, showroom and let us show you how we can satisfy your flooring needs.