Going the Extra Tile

tile installation
It goes without saying that choosing the right flooring for your room may certainly be the design element that nobody pays attention too, but will still notice. Choosing the right flooring is a must for the room to come together and convey the overall feeling that you want. There are many types of flooring, but for our purposes we will be discussing tile.
Tile comes in many forms, from stone, to ceramic, porcelain, and even vinyl. Tile is as versatile as it is beautiful. So, it is imperative that you have the tile installation done by a professional. Tile installation is as varied as the tile itself. Stone requires a set of parameters that ceramic or porcelain may not require. Vinyl tile can be installed in multiple ways depending upon the customer’s needs. In today’s flooring environment, it is important to have your tile installation follow the manufacturer’s specifications to protect the warranties on the product.

Stone tile is installed using adhesives, but the installation varies based upon the actual type of stone. Hard stones like granite or marble require nothing more than spreading the adhesive correctly and placing the tile in the right way. Limestone, however, needs to have the back of the tile moistened with a towel prior to placing it on the adhesive, so that the tile doesn’t absorb the moisture from the adhesive too quickly, and cause it to become brittle.

Porcelain and ceramic tile is pretty straightforward. The tile installation requires no more than spreading the adhesive correctly and applying the grout to the tile properly. Vinyl tile is the most versatile. Vinyl tile installation is done either using adhesives, or it can be clicked together using its tongue and groove design to create a floating floor. The flooring itself just rests on the subfloor, and that makes it easier to replace damaged tiles if it needs to be done.

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