About Floors n' More is the Preferred Supplier of Amazing New Hardwood Floors at the Best Prices in the Jacksonville Area

hardwood floors The beauty and warmth of today’s hardwood floors is well established with homeowners in the Jacksonville, FL area. They provide high durability, easy regular cleaning and, of course, they also add market resale value to your home. About Floors n’ More has been supplying and professionally installing hardwood floors for Jacksonville area homeowners for many years. We carry a diverse selection of most popular hardwood floors on the market today.

Whichever type you prefer, you can depend upon finding one that will complement your new or existing interior design scheme at an excellent price:
  • Solid hardwood– This type of hardwood is solid wood, so it should not be installed directly on a slab due to moisture. However, it’s an excellent choice for a second floor installation, since it will be put in place on top of a wood floor foundation instead of a concrete slab.
  • Engineered hardwood– This type of hardwood flooring is a preferred choice in Florida homes for a real hardwood floor without being concerned about moisture issues; due to the way that it is “engineered”, it can be safely set in place directly on top of a slab floor, so it is great for first-floor installations.

You can choose exotic wood species for either of the above flooring types for their aesthetic appearance, or for the uniqueness and rarity of the woods. These woods are generally found outside of the United States in “exotic” places around the world. They exhibit a tendency to fade or change colors with light, so they are usually used in household rooms that take this characteristic into consideration.

About Floors n’ More can help you choose from a long-list of domestic or exotic wood species from our diverse collection of actual samples. We can also help you select from a wide choice of designs, patterns and textures that emulate natural products. Once you have chosen the basic wood material and the specific design you prefer, we can also professionally install your new floor in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Our experienced installation team members are all State licensed and insured for your protection and will complete your work quickly and efficiently so there is the least amount of interruption to your family’s normal household schedules.

Need additional information? If so, phone us, e-mail us or stop in at out Jacksonville, FL showroom to discuss your interest in new hardwood floors with one of our experienced flooring consultants.