A Quick Buyer's Guide to Hardwood Floors

hardwood flooring in Jacksonville, FL If you are new to hardwood floors, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Truly, there are many decisions buyers have to make when choosing a new hardwood flooring system. Take heart, however, as the process can be made a little easier once you know a few things about hardwood flooring and its installation.

Hardwood floors above grade or below grade:

The first thing you need to do is determine whether the new hardwood floor will be installed above grade or below grade. Below grade would include rooms such as basements, or any space that is below ground level. This is very important, because solid hardwood floors cannot usually be installed below grade. This one decision will help you decide if solid or engineered hardwood flooring is best for you.

Engineered or solid hardwood floors:

While solid hardwood flooring can only be used in some areas, engineered hardwood flooring can be installed anywhere, including over concrete. Engineered hardwood flooring offers a variety of benefits and is available in virtually any wood species you may prefer. Engineered hardwood floors are normally faster to install than solid hardwood floors, but they last just as long and are very easy to maintain.

Color tone for your new hardwood floors:

Today's hardwood floors come in any color tone you can imagine. From light to super-dark, you can find exactly what you want. Keep in mind that a lighter tone will lighten up a room, while a darker tone will bring the light level down. For unfinished solid hardwood flooring, you can generally choose the color tone by choosing the appropriate stain or finish.

Hardwood floors board width:

The next consideration is the width of the boards. There are many options available. Traditional solid hardwood flooring is 2.25 inches, but you can also find wider boards, going up to 5 inches and more for those looking for a rustic appearance. The standard width for engineered hardwood ranges from 3.5 to 5 inches. You can also choose random widths in some hardwood floor collections.

These few tips will help you get started with choosing your new hardwood floors, but you can also get much more information from the staff at About Floors n' More.