Hardwood Choices

Picture There is nothing that can bring out the warmth and rustic charm in a home better than hardwood floors. The pleasing patterns of the wood grains and warm natural tones lend a certain pleasing aesthetic that says “just relax, you’re home”. If hardwood floors are the way you have decided to go, you now need to decide which type of hardwood you will be using… solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. There are some not so subtle differences between the two. Let’s examine these differences:

Solid Hardwood floors are exactly what the name states. It is a plank cut from a single piece of wood that has a protective coating (usually acrylic, aluminum oxide or ceramic). Solid hardwood is then nailed down to the subfloor for installation. It is susceptible to expansion and contraction due to humidity, and can warp if proper installation is not used. Because it is a solid piece of wood, it can be refinished multiple times over the life of the floor.

Engineered hardwood floors are made up of several layers of wood in a crossing pattern held together by resin, similar to plywood. A top layer made of hardwood is then placed on top of that forming the wear layer. Because of the use of resin in its construction, it is not as susceptible to humidity. They are made with tongue and groove construction which allows for them to be installed as a floating floor, or to be glued or nailed to the subfloor.

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